Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is the most accurate method of cutting and can be used on a whole range of materials. Our advanced equipment and high performance, computer controlled production are perfect for any laser application from cutting to engraving and marking.

What equipment and capabilities do you have?

Punching, Bending, Laser Cutting, Rolling, Fabrication, Finishing

Are there any dimensional limitations with the laser cutting process?


What types of materials can you process?

Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium plus many more please contact us here.

Do you offer an in-house design or prototyping service?

Most definitely, please contact us here for more information.

Do I have to supply drawings for manufacture?

Ideally yes, however, we will work from samples & specifications. We also provide a design service.

How can I obtain a quotation?

Please call us on 01744 812 274 or alternatively click here to complete our online form.

Do you have any¬†accreditation’s?

Alpha Sheet Metal & Laser Ltd are in the process of operating under & applying for our ISO 9001 & Environmental 14001 certificates and hope to have gained these accreditation’s in 2010.

Example: Electrical Cabinet fabrication and assembly